Our Strategy

To create consciousness and enthusiasm for the proper and successful use of the Spanish language among entities that share an interest in reaching out to the Hispanic community

Our Mission

We examine your project and identify the Hispanic market you wish to connect with, then we design an approach for the project that hones in on the preferences and eccentricities of that audience.

Your project will be completed quickly and on-time, without sacrificing accuracy, clarity, or comprehension.

Additionally, we educate our clients on basic Spanish communication rules.

Advocating for creative communities and entrepreneurs since 2003

Founded in 1997, The Bilingual Experience is the destination for people interested in reaching out to the Hispanic community. We strive to create consciousness and enthusiasm for the correct and successful use of the Spanish language.

The Bilingual Experience seeks to create and promote enthusiasm for using the Spanish language, especially among people reaching out to the Hispanic community. We grow our business with the same honesty and attention to detail we use when working with our clients.

At Spanish Media and Translation Services, LLC, we focus on using appropriate
Spanish language, garnered to your specific project needs. We offer our clients the
ability to target the Hispanic demographic in a way that is project specific, working on
a project by project basis and understanding that our clients’ needs vary and each
project needs to be approached in a unique way.

This site contains a list of services our company provides as well as information, 
interesting data and links. Whether you are looking for a one time translation service
or an on-going translation partnership we look forward to hearing from you


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy.

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